Whether you’re new to webinars or simply new to AT&T Connect with event services, this page will help you prepare for a successful event.

1. If you’ve not already, install the AT&T Connect Participant Application version 11.7. You may need to request administrative rights from your IT support staff, so plan to complete this installation in advance of your webinar.

Windows: AT&T Connect Participant Application v11.7.303

Mac: AT&T Connect Participant Application – Mac v11.6.304

(IT Organizations can use the .MST to support “ALLUSERS” MSI install – AT&T Connect Participant Application version 11.7.303 – for Windows)

2. Connect to your webinar early. Your instructions will identify exactly when your specific webinar will open, but ATTCES webinars generally open prior to the scheduled start.

3. When you connect to your webinar, make certain to close all non-essential programs (including email, instant messenger and web browsers) and files.

4. If you need assistance during your conference, you may use the software Notes feature to chat to your conference operator or call the Help Desk at 1-888-796-6118.